About Who are Battery Associates?

Battery Associates (B.A) is a unique and global network of battery enthusiasts connecting highly specialised researchers, scientists, industry leaders, programmers, practitioners, and corporations known for their innovative work in the energy and battery sectors. Our goal is to expand and diversify the battery industry, break down the silos that hamper battery innovation, and accelerate the development of energy-efficient and sustainable batteries.

Pillars How do we work?

Battery Associates unites industry experts to create sustainable solutions and drive innovative projects related to batteries and energy storage. We connect battery enthusiasts in all corners of the world and aim to impact the greatest numbers using technology for good. In practice, Battery Associates acts as a three-tiered platform:


We offer highly-skilled researchers and industry leaders with exclusive insight on the latest battery technology developments. Contact us to hire the best consultants or if you wish to be listed in our database as an expert.


Join a fun and supportive network of battery enthusiasts from around the world, and help us boost economic growth and sustainability through battery innovation.


We link exceptional talents with companies and organisations looking for battery-focused expertise. Contact us if you’re looking for global talents or if you’re interested in our recruitment support.

What can I do nowBe part of this unique talent network

Are you a battery enthusiast who wants to make an impact in the field of renewable energy or are you an organisation looking for support?









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