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What is BatteryMBA?

In November 2020, B.A launched its BatteryMBA, an advanced Battery Course to help train the next generation of leaders in the battery sector. The BatteryMBA offers battery enthusiasts with technical backgrounds a chance to develop their business, entrepreneurship, coding, and industry-related skills. This course meets the growing demand emerging from the battery sector and is expected to attract a large number of participants.

When will the first course cycle start? 

The first cycle of our BatteryMBA will start in December 2020 and run until March 2020.

Why is BatteryMBA cheaper than comparable programmes and what is included in the price?

Battery Associates, the platform leading the BatteryMBA, is committed to providing affordable educational content related to batteries and to helping members of the battery sector transition into the industry. We believe everyone deserves the right to improve their professional career options. B.A developed the BatteryMBA to make this a reality for battery enthusiasts. 

For the course cycle starting in December 2020, we are offering the first 20 successful applicants a 50% fare reduction of the overall course price. The price includes the following: 

  • Meet the leader sessions: A weekly lecture plus fireside chat with a selected number of industry leaders. Learn from their experiences, get unique business and entrepreneurial insights, and get inspired to take your own projects to the next level. 
  • Office Hour with the founder: Participate in a weekly hour of discussion time with Battery Associates’ Founder & Chair, Dr. Simon Engelke. Each session will have a limited number of participants to ensure maximum benefit. 
  • Become a leader in the battery space: As soon as you join the BatteryMBA course, you will benefit from a lifetime membership to the BatteryMBA’s network. Learn and discuss with your peers,have access to all recorded sessions, share and exchange ideas, apply for fundings, create business partnerships, and more! 
  • Recruitment support: Get exclusive career support, CV makeover, salary negotiation training, public speaking courses, contract reading support, and more. 

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. All participants who successfully complete the course will furthermore receive a certificate of completion signed by members of the B.A board, which includes leaders across the energy sectors and its iconic brands. 

How does BatteryMBA differ from a traditional MBA?

The BatteryMBA shares a few important components with a traditional MBA, including a strong emphasis on the access to an exceptional network of leaders.    

Unlike a traditional MBA however, our BatteryMBA does not require the financial or time  investment that tends to prevent the pursuit of one’s career amelioration. Unlike traditional MBAs, our lecturers were carefully selected to meet the current and most pressing challenges in the battery sector, and their expertise purposefully represents a wide range of sectors, from the automotive to the mining industry. 

Because our programme is inherently decentralised and global, participants and presenters in the course are located across all continents (excepting Antarctica).  We also want to emphasise that the BatteryMBA is not a Masters of Business Administration.

How do I apply to the BatteryMBA?

To apply, please send us a CV along with your cover letter via the following form: __link to form.  

We will review the application based on motivation, prior experience, and general merits. If selected, you will be invited to join via email. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the necessary credentials and programme details. 

Are there any prerequisites to join the BatteryMBA programme?

The selection process is based on merits and takes into account prior educational and professional experience. There are no specific course or degree prerequisites to apply. 

How may I pay the fees to join the BatteryMBA?

Upon being selected to join the BatteryMBA, you will receive a link to make the payment via our secure platform.  Please note that course fees must be paid at once since there is currently no instalment option available. 

For more information, please email us at or have a look at
You can download the BatteryMBA Flyer here.

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